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Fool Your Friends With These Crazy Games!

by on April 1, 2010


April Fools day has come again and knows what kind of horrible pranks people still have planned for you. All I know is I’d much rather be making others look like fools then be the fool myself! This is why I have decided to change things up a bit and give you some inspiration. Rather then play a prank on you guys, I have decided to help you have some fun with your friends by sharing some games that should drive them up the wall. Now you can fool your friends with some games that really only exist to frustrate the living daylight out of you!

The Games

I Don’t Even Game
I don’t even game barley makes any sense at all. It makes even less sense if you tell your friends it’s supposed to be a racing  game.

The Impossible Quiz 2
Tell your friends that not only is it possible but that your personal high score is 3 minutes. They will never beat that and probably go crazy trying!

This is The Only Level
We all know this isn’t true. Now you can put your friends through the same torture you faced while trying to figure out how to get that little elephant home!

I Don’t Even Know
The original “I don’t even” game continues to perplex players around the world. This means your non gamer friends should have enough with this one in a matter of minutes. Tell them they will win $1,000,000 if they complete it. That will show them!

Once you have found the perfect game for your holiday prank, send your friend a very nice e mail and tell them how easy and fun the game is. They should become addicted to the game quick and that’s when the fun should begin. Expect screaming, yelling and maybe a few random object to be thrown. If you get any of these results you will know that you have done well!

Thanks again for playing AND YOU HAVE JUST WON 1,000,000 DOLLARS OMG YOU ARE SO RICH CAN I HAVE SOME?!?!?!?!

Happy April fools day 🙂

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