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Top 5 Friday: Games You Can Play With Dad

by on June 18, 2010

Toss the baby is one of life's original AddictingGames.

It’s almost Father’s Day! This year why don’t you show your dad you care by schooling him with some of our favorite father friendly games! Nothing says “Happy Father’s Day” then showing others how much better you are at playing games than your dad. Can’t you feel the love!?

Burger Tycoon
Did you think that double-double just showed up after you ordered it? No, not even close. There are thousands of people behind your one cheeseburger. If you have aspirations of taking over the world this is a good start. Show dad your business savvy as he tries to keep up with your booming business.
Parking Lot
Show dad that you’ve earned the right to drive his precious Pinto by maneuvering into small spaces. If you hit a pole a parked car or lawn jockey, it’s totally fine. That is what insurance is for.
The Stupid Test 5
Stupid is as stupid does and this test does stupid. You might even feel smart after trying your hand at this examination, that’s just a fancy word for test. See Dad, I’m smart.
Bloons Tower Defense III
Bloons are bad. Whatever you do don’t let them get past you. Use darts, bombs, monkey glue (does anyone know what that is exactly?) or whatever you can just don’t let the bloons get past you.

Moto Rush 2 – If you can school your dad anywhere it‘s on the track. Race your bike or even your dinosaur, because we all have one of those. Show your pops how a real gamer takes to racing.

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  1. why you do that

  2. Anonymous permalink

    play something that you both like! make sure you give your dad lots of atention and love. most definitively on fathers day!!!

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