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Walkthrough: Safari Time

by on September 13, 2011

Thanks to ConmerGameStudios for the Walkthrough!


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  1. poopie45 permalink

    on level 16 it brakes at the begining there is no bridge

  2. zxcvbnjytrtrthyjku permalink

    ur mum did this

  3. awesome walkthru

  4. YAAAAAA!!!!!!! Finished!!!! it took me two hours.

  5. use level 16 dont break

  6. that was awesome!!!!!!!!!

  7. howdo i pass level 3

  8. this is a fun and challenging game to play and wat a awesome walktru

  9. Anonymous permalink

    took me 2 min

  10. Anonymous permalink

    how do you get past level 5?

  11. yamskie smile permalink


  12. a good game guys i like it thumbs up

  13. okojhkljpoykljklykjyljyojlyjoly-iljytklykluokuoojlluuokououluouljuokulkouokulokukolkoukouljuokpk kokoukoulkoukoulkoulkoulko okoukluokuklu- oklklku0pku0ku0okujklujkuouoklu0klu0u0liulu0

  14. super man permalink

    how do u pass level 3

  15. hello permalink

    i need help soooo much!!!!!

  16. beebee permalink

    im level 16 need help

  17. level16 so hard

  18. beebee permalink

    so ******* hard

  19. Anonymous permalink

    i got lost on level 5 it’s so hard

  20. bleh permalink

    ok you guys need level 4 plz ty

  21. Anonymous permalink

    i hat the game

  22. Anonymous permalink

    how do u pass level 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  23. sneaky permalink

    ah! hello everyone! this game cracks me up i can do lvl 1-15 easy peasy but what the heck is up with 16 gets me everytime.. =) having problems! lol

  24. level 16 bridge brakes walk through is fake/and messed up boooooooboooooo ?

  25. Anonymous permalink

    lame…naaa im kidding it was awesome
    A W E S O M E awesome

  26. Anonymous permalink

    level 16 though brakes and nothing works… still fun though

  27. i love this game!!!

  28. SO COOL LUV IT !!


  30. hey people all the levels so easy you guys are diffucult

  31. it is kinda tricky lol hahahah

  32. got to tend to my three horses could not play i think it is cool

  33. got to tend to my three horses could not play i think it is cool

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