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Walkthrough: Synapsis 2

by on September 15, 2011

Walkthrough source: YouTube User escapeskynet.

  1. BrianG permalink

    I’v done the map bit and its all correct but its not coming up with the TV guy, what do I do?

  2. Anonymous permalink

    This game was a pretty big waste of my time and the walkthrough sucked.. But other than that, it was great.

  3. YHetnrhg thh nen ngb

  4. Victor permalink

    Fun game, but the wheel was a bit much. A clue would have prevented me from using the walkthrough at all.

  5. Wth permalink

    Any hints for the wheel? I can see the video walkthrough.

  6. Wth permalink

    Cannot see*

  7. links74 permalink


  8. Andrew permalink

    I’ve got the wheel exactly as in the video, nothing happening.

  9. Petey permalink

    This was a very nice easy going non timed “escape” game. The wheel was the basically the only major hurdle; the clue for the wheel was inside of the book if you looked hard enough, but could have been more elaborate.

  10. what is the name of this music?

  11. Anonymous permalink

    I watched the walkthrough but I can’t figure out the wheel. My model looks almost like that but it looks like whoever made the video did something off screen to open it. What the hell?

  12. tigerman permalink

    what is the name of the song on this

  13. adads permalink

    The Void thing isnt working anyhelp

  14. The wheel has a hint. Turn your sound up and you’ll hear it and look at the clocks, they start to work when you’re right

  15. leavemealone permalink


  16. muahah permalink

    The yellow paper that has a stamp. You look what you wrote on it. And look at the map board. It will say the names of the places on the yellow paper..

  17. evin permalink

    i did the wheel exactly how it shows to but it won’t do anything

  18. bigbiggie permalink

    this game is a big waste of time it is good but sucks the walkthroug guy or girl keeps messing up what is the point of the walkthrough if they do it wrong

  19. Whatever permalink

    The game was fun but it confuses me to no end. What was that thing at the end? Was it a guy in a mask or a robot with no eyes or…what the hell was that?!?!?!

  20. krkrkrkrkrkrkrkrkkrkr permalink

    good video couldn’t see the clock though

  21. Anonymous permalink

    I didn’t get the TV guy or the passwords

  22. gfdggdf permalink


  23. Sgtrock40 permalink

    To finish the wheel, make sure that all of the 1’s have a route connecting them to the center of the wheel, the 0’s don’t matter

  24. Anonymous permalink

    where do u find the sheild 4 tha guard?? otherwise i LOVE this game!!!!

  25. Anonymous permalink

    I’m somewhat dissapointed in this game i thought it was going to leave me to a hunting ground or somthing, instead did not, i gor dont with the whole thing but couldnt get the tv guy, im so over it.

  26. This is the worst walkthrough ever.
    WTF is the wheel thing about?

  27. Anonymous permalink

    This was easy until the typewriter came…

  28. Dudette permalink

    I agree! How to do the wheel???

  29. There you go permalink

    There is one hint for the wheel. If you were to go outside of the room it was in and look into the room and look at the wheel it would actually show you how you’re supposed to have it.

  30. wtf permalink

    how the hell do i get throug the damn keyborad and safe

  31. on the map 5, 23, 3

  32. finisher permalink

    played 2x.. the safe code and the map points are random.. use the MANUAL and the TYPEWRITER respectively to solve them..

  33. Matt permalink

    First of all if you fail at the any game you must be retarded. I know that many of you are able to unscramble a word into table. If you cant, good luck in life. And for the people who arent smart enough to win. Go back to 1st grade

  34. Anonymous permalink

    Why is the password sesame

  35. Issa permalink

    i really likeded the game!! it was awesome!!

  36. gex permalink

    for the ones who cant figure out the map, the locations are different each time.

  37. Anonymous permalink

    the stupid wheel thing doesn’t work!

  38. Anonymous permalink

    Look at the wheel AFTER he does that thing off the screen and copy that one. It works.

  39. not me permalink

    there is one word and one word only to desribe this game , CONFUSING

  40. blah permalink

    for the typewriter i got hammersmithdocklandsplimco.!

  41. baconandjunk permalink

    If you’re having trouble with the wheel, all you have to do is leave the room, look at the wheel, and put the wheel just how it looks like in the Reflection room. Duh…

  42. baconandjunk permalink

    sucky ending though… 😦

  43. baconandjunk2 permalink

    sucky ending though… 😦

  44. boredomqueen permalink

    not as good as i thought it would be to be fair. 😦

  45. indiangirl13 permalink

    i am stuck at the map.
    but solved the wheel thing, just make sure all the zeros should end up at the dead end. anybody who has studied Boolean algebra will know it.
    sorry about the language.

  46. critic that hates dumb games permalink

    im sorry, moderator, about my previous comment. I ment that it wasnt a very good game, in my opinion.

  47. erft236ju permalink

    so borrrrrring not worth playing! );

  48. maxine11 permalink

    i got the map and the 2 clocks but i’m not able to see the walkthrough to get the last clock. i see what you mean about the wheel when you look in the room between the armor, but i can’t get the third clock to unlock the first part of the wheel. i have a feeling the clock i need is the grandfather clock in the back of the room behind the wheel, but i can’t unlock it. i’ve finished all the other rooms.. and that’s the only part i needed the walkthrough for.

  49. Anonymous permalink

    tv guy to

  50. angus permalink

    where the heck do i find the 4th clock!!!! i cant see the rest of the walkthrough.

  51. at Maxine the grandfather clock is missing the swinging medallion u get it in the room with the robot. i cant get the last one to unlock. i have the clock and ive tried putting it in the middle and on the mount on the wall to the right.

  52. Anonymous permalink

    it sucks wast of time 😦

  53. HUH HUH HUH permalink

    Where do i get the MANUAL?????

  54. Anonymous permalink


  55. HUH HUH HUH permalink


  56. HUH HUH HUH permalink

    What do i have to do with the book?!

  57. I dont understand permalink

    ok so how at the end do u match up the points????

  58. I dont understand permalink

    This is hard

  59. Anonymous permalink

    the time part mack a little to no scence

  60. Anonymous permalink

    can any of you guys tell me how to get the book please.

  61. what do i do in the room behind the two amoured skeletons by the one blue room??????

  62. Stuck In Time permalink

    How do you unlock the wheel after the room with the warriors? I’m stuck!

  63. Answer permalink


  64. GURR permalink

    OK well i got up to the part where i have the viod manual (the book) by going to the room with the safe and clicking the power button and typing MANUAL then SESAME but no i have no f***ing clue what to do with the manual

  65. GURR permalink

    OK now i gots it, the manual has letters in random orders just put them in the right order into the keypad tht comes up with the power button and then you type in the numbers on the items on the safe then you get the safe open and you get the sheild

  66. ~~ Forever Goth permalink

    At the map, I can’t get it to show that guy with the TV head. What numbers should I press? I’ve done the ones that you did, but those ones aren’t letting ME get to that guy. PLEASE HELP!!!!!! D:

  67. itgirlxragdoll permalink

    I’m stuck on the wheel part. How do you know how to match it up?

  68. confrused permalink

    okay so several questions. one, how do i get the third part of the wheel to unlock? also, what’s the deal w/ the guy w/ the tv and why is there an unborn baby in the picture? and those two puzzle looking pieces where do they go? and what’s w/ the blurry picture? where does it go? and why does it let me use the wrench on the wheel that’s on the wall behind the robot but it doesn’t do anything?

  69. Worthless permalink

    How do I unlock the wheel in the time room. I’ve got everything in place, but I don’t know the code. Can anybody help?

  70. Space monkey permalink

    WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I’m so f***ing lost when it comes to unlocking that weird wheel thing behind the knights!!!!!!!!! And this S***tty tutorial didn’t do anything but confuse me even more

  71. yo yo mama permalink

    The wheel makes perfect sense…. if you know a little about binary ^.^
    1 = true/on
    0 = false/off

  72. Good game!

  73. why permalink

    where do i get wheel?!

  74. why permalink


  75. why permalink

    where do i get the wheel?!

  76. rock permalink


  77. Thanks to those who posted the password sesame.. I still dont know how anyone found it. && The best hint for the clock room puzzle is to leave the room and try to match it up to the way it looks from the out side. All n all This was a pretty good one πŸ™‚

  78. sarah permalink

    I have only the wrench left i dont know what to do with it

  79. sarah permalink

    i cant unlock the wheel either

  80. helpplzzzzzz permalink

    where do you find he shield for the armour guy???? plz help thankyou:)

  81. ineedsumhelplol permalink

    where do u find the shield i looked everywhere plz help thankyou πŸ™‚

  82. JDnPhx permalink

    The password “sesame” can be found by taking the numbers on the note that says “Start by loading the MANUAL” and then matching them up with the corresponding letter, 19,5,19,1,13,5 = SESAME.

  83. awesomeness permalink

    the only thing i wasn’t able to figure out is the sequence all i need is the direction like 3 to the right…etc

  84. How do you unlock the Wheel? I’ve basically tried everything I could but I can’t figure it out. Please Help!!!!!

  85. “To finish the wheel, make sure that all of the 1’s have a route connecting them to the center of the wheel, the 0’s don’t matter.” Thank you Sgtrock40 for writing that tip!! but now what do I do?

  86. confused much permalink

    were what how who how did he get that black think to put in the middle of the time mashen

  87. ano permalink

    to get the shield go to the viod after u type in sesame and manual type in plant then shield

  88. confuzzled permalink


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