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Walkthrough: Brother

by on October 8, 2011

In the arctic wastelands where the north winds blow, brothers roll together. Click and point your way through a weird world of gears, notes and ice. Collect gems and solve problems, and free your trapped brothers. And when you build a fire, you build a new portal. Be bold and proceed, my brother!

Walkthrough credit: youtube user Tasselfoot.

Play Brother on!


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  1. Where do you get the cloth to slide down the rope?

  2. to jewel permalink

    the tree branch is the thing you slide down the rope with.

  3. Ki11erTeddybear permalink

    Click the tree branch at the beginning of the game where everyone gets blown off

  4. someone permalink

    idk also….

  5. bob permalink

    its not a piece of cloth its the tree branch

  6. Rick permalink

    From the tree branch

  7. Anonymous permalink

    awesome game

  8. Anonymous permalink

    cool runthrough i like it

  9. Joe permalink

    its from the tree

  10. Navigationsystm permalink

    use the branch from the tree outside your cave

  11. hsufhdsf permalink

    on the tree outside the first cave, click on the brance furthest to the left 🙂


  13. unknown permalink

    havent a clue how to get onto rope 😦

  14. coco4u7 permalink

    idk thats what i am trying to frigure out to

  15. Polo permalink

    The left most branch on the tree by the home cave, where all the found brothers go to.

  16. killer permalink

    you don,t get it from no where its with you in the beggining

  17. ETFL13 permalink

    It’s not a cloth. It’s a branch of the tree in the beginning.

  18. Anonymous permalink

    the elevators?

  19. the water walk through part didn’t work and i followed it exactly (and yes, I’m 100% sure of it)

  20. the tree branch in the beggining is the rope

  21. your walkthrough sucks it does not even work correctly!!!

  22. dowhack permalink

    To Jewel:

    It’s a branch that you pick up outside the main cave. Just pluck it off the tree.

  23. beana22 permalink

    I am trying to figure out the water level part and when i do the walkthrough it does not work when i follow it while playing. Help please! maybe write it out?

  24. Gingersaurus permalink

    where do you get the purple jewel?

  25. ojkjblfm/bl permalink

    wicked awsome

  26. Toad permalink

    Hey Jewel,

    It is a branch and is the “L” shaped branch outside of the door, that had me stumped too@ 😉

  27. YoYoJoe permalink

    Yea seriously bro, where did you get that cloth? How am I s’pose 2 slide down that rope witout no cloth

  28. fhdhfd permalink

    jewels: the item is actually a stick. right at the start of the vid he picks it off the tree.

  29. papa permalink

    You click on the branch of the tree by the bridge. Click it enough times and it will break

  30. what do you do hen you pass that path game on the game BROTHER??????

  31. just go back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Henrey permalink


  33. How do you get the rock to launch off?

  34. ZGR permalink

    on the tree at the very beginning just after the cave

  35. person permalink

    you dont use a cloth u use a branch

  36. mehehe permalink

    @jewel: you snap a branch from the tree outside the cave enterance

  37. in a cave i think.

  38. Player 13 permalink

    It’s the limp from the tree at the beginning.

  39. bingbing permalink

    The tree branch from the tree outside the brothers’ cave

  40. Anonymous permalink

    Jewel, it’s not a cloth, it’s a tree branch and you get it back at the start.

  41. the tree

  42. the tree outside of the cave

  43. Harry Potter permalink

    The thing you use to slide down the rope is on the tree at the very beginning 🙂

  44. how do you go through the water tubes when they’re equal?

  45. The cat permalink

    It a branch from the tree at the very begging

  46. Jeff permalink

    It is the tree branch. Only tree in the game

  47. dank permalink

    its not a cloth…it’s a branch

  48. rubygirl permalink

    Take it off the tree in the very first screen

  49. Cherry permalink

    You use the branch of the tree

  50. Anonymous permalink

    is cool

  51. random saya permalink

    its the branch from the trees but how do u get the red and green gems?

  52. i cant find twinkle twinkle little star

  53. i cant find the song

  54. Anonymous permalink

    the trees branch

  55. Anonymous permalink

    hiya, apparently you have to break a bit off the tree at the start and use that to slide down… spent ages trying to figure it out too haha

  56. Anonymous permalink

    when ur in the volcano how do you pass the bridge when you walk up and a green platform comes up?

  57. Kat permalink

    Its not a cloth its a branch. You get it off the tree in the beginning.

  58. cheese permalink

    you break a branch off the tree that u see in the very beginning

  59. Anonymous permalink

    i hate how the school bands stuff like this.
    i cant see it!!!

  60. mac permalink

    get the branch from the tree… at least that worked for me.

  61. same where do you get the rope?

  62. hay permalink

    the tree branch at the begining

  63. anonymous permalink

    how do you get past the water things????????

  64. Joker permalink

    Why the hell cant it play back?

  65. Blazerer permalink

    how do you do the part with the water tanks???

  66. this game is so much fun, but I can’t even get past the third level! XD

  67. cool potatoes permalink

    fire portal explosions!

  68. brother permalink

    how can i pass through the platform?.,,urghh,.

  69. Anonymous permalink

    how get the yellow gems?

  70. gabby permalink

    in the volcano the first bradge middle and the last one gos down all the way then from there it is easy

  71. arrgggggggggg
    still can’t do it!!!!!!:(

  72. Anonymous permalink

    help come to 1356 va

  73. someone permalink

    I can’t get past the water pump thingy

  74. jojoc permalink

    where do you get the yellow gem? i seem to keep missing it in your video

  75. anirbas6 permalink

    anonymous, you have to collect all the gems to get the other platforms to raise up too. dont be afraid when the guy falls,when you slow down and you see the umbrella click it

  76. dfghjk permalink

    i cant get past the volcano thing with the colors the middle one for me wont rise

  77. Anonymous permalink

    you click on the yellow gem and the blue gem

  78. Anonymous permalink

    the song on the piano is twinkle twinkle little star

  79. RaNdOm permalink

    how do i get past the water levels????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Anonymous permalink

    how do you get past the screwdriver thingy????????????????

  81. zzRrocks permalink

    how do u cross those bridges of those colored platforms?

  82. idk permalink

    how do i get across the water pumps?

  83. zzRrocks permalink

    where do u get the purple gem?

  84. zzRrocks permalink

    where is the purple gem

  85. Rawr.. ^-^ permalink

    Hrmm, i cannot seem to find the orange gem. Help?

  86. Rawr.. ^-^ permalink

    I seem to need help finding the orange gem. [; comment with time of the video that shows it. thanks

  87. Rawr.. ^-^ permalink

    never mind!

  88. Anonymous permalink

    What’s eating Gilbert Grape?!

  89. KENNETH permalink

    the purple gem is under the H

  90. Anonymous permalink

    its nots working

  91. **********************************************************************************************************************

  92. Anonymous permalink

    water pump video explanation is WAY too fast! Can’t even tell what’s going on.

  93. wazup permalink

    how do u get the red one

  94. Anonymous permalink

    how do you get the blue gem?

  95. KIKI permalink

    How do you get the green gem??????

  96. Where Do You Go After Getting Purple And Gold Gem?

  97. to get the green gem go on the zip line and right when you see it click it before you fall into the volcano!!!!!!!!!!

  98. LALA permalink


  99. FRUSTRATED permalink

    This game is bull!!! obviously, those who got past the water pump are all wizards.

  100. hahaumm:) permalink

    i cant get passed the rock brigde…any help?

  101. meww permalink

    i finished the game…

  102. its realy hard i dont know how to get the cage open thats messed up for real.

  103. peace101 permalink

    ? I have 2 manny questions they wouldn’t fit on the paper!!!!!

  104. peace101 permalink

    I can’t either or I would help you SORRY!

  105. catkit permalink

    what is the brown thingy that turns? how do you get past it

  106. catkit permalink

    how do you do the water pumps I watched the walkthrough but it is too fast for my eyes (my eyes are brown does that change anything?)

  107. catkit permalink

    to get past the brown thingy that turns go back and free the brother by playing twinkle twinkle little star and then you get on the platform and play a note then when you are up move the boulder and you will see the red gem then go back down to the brown thingy and pull the boulder back and try to hit the logs then a cave will appear go inside it and you will find a brother work the rest out yourself ok got that

  108. catkit permalink

    to get to another brother go to a fire place and go to brother then press the letter h two times and jump down the hole and before you land touch the gem and when you land you will find another brother you will see a cog pick it up and light the fireplace and go to the place with all the cogs a cog is broken put the cog you found where that cog is and wait a key will come go back to the brother and jump down the h when you get down press the key and your brother will be set free! (go back to brother and zip-wire with you stick you broke off a tree and press the gem before you go into the volcano) I might say how to get past the bubble’s it goes blue red green it is on the left of the volcano it took me a long time to figure this out myself so I wish you a very merry christmas and a very happy new year (I have figured out where all the gems are as well) I’m tired

  109. i need help with getting the green brother.

  110. mines well b4 any1 elses in the fire cave thing after you move the rocks the next bit it shows all of the levels cuming up and mine dont the middle 1 stays down and i have dun exactly the same as on the video!?!?!?!?!!?!?! im very confused

  111. azztexas permalink

    can anyone let me know how to get past the water level with the arrows

  112. chodege permalink

    im sorry but hte water tank part goes way to fast. its hard…

  113. Anonymous permalink

    the water code is (the buttons left to right) 135135353135

  114. huey permalink

    kiki, in order to get the green gem you’ll need to have the stick.So get the stick, go to the BROTHER place, go to your left where the string is.And click on the string it will lead you to the volcano then you’ll see it

  115. huey permalink

    oh, kiki text me back!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Anonymous permalink

    i cant get past the water pumps… i feel stipid cause me bf can…

  117. mrs.happines permalink

    I DONT GET IT!!!

  118. mamamam permalink

    to bama chic look under bridge. flat white sheet on other side.

  119. yodog27 permalink

    how do u get to water tank place

  120. how the hek do u get pass the water thingy?!?!?

  121. it wont let me see the stupid video

  122. Anonymous permalink

    How Do You Get Past The Volcano With The Red Green and Yellow Platforms?

  123. Anonymous permalink

    who can tell how to get past the water with the arrows

  124. Anonymous permalink

    pretty good although when you are doing lie the water thingy and the color bubble thing slow down

  125. rondog permalink

    does anyone know how to do the water level part? the hint says put water on the far left but then nothing is working for me…..please help

  126. this is really hard


  128. GamerGamer permalink

    Is anyone having a difficult time playing the piano? We know now its twinkle twinkle, but here are the patterns to play the song on the piano. I wrote them down when i was trying to figure out the pattern. By the way, the pattern doesn’t sound like twinkle twinkle, but the song pattern helps your brother out..

    type this and your brother will be free.. the piano scene…

    green, green, green.
    red, red.
    light blue, light blue.
    purple, purple and finally light blue..

    play those colors and you finish the piano scene..
    good luck.. the colors are 100 percent real. aless the creator changes it. so if my pattern doesn’t work, then the creator changed the pattern and you have to work the pattern out yourself. but the color pattern worked for me…

  129. mile o smile permalink

    help i cant get past the rope! what do you gotta get ?

  130. Anonymous permalink

    Sweet! I’ve just received my free minecraft giftcode!

    >> <<

  131. i cant get the green brother in the cave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am confused

  132. whatever permalink

    i cant grt past the part where there are like the water things even with looking at the papper.

  133. yep permalink

    where is the blue gem

  134. radar permalink

    i cant find the thing that lets u side down the hill from the word brother

  135. radar permalink

    cool game

  136. baby permalink

    How do you get the thing to slide down the line by the brother sign?

  137. chocogirl16 permalink

    how do u get the stick thingy so i can go down the zipline????

  138. soccerchic17 permalink

    In the video it shows the guy zip lining on the line (on the page where the title is shown). I’ve done everything the video has, and I can’t get the thing that lets you zip line. How do you do it?? Please help!

  139. soccerchic17 permalink

    ooooohhhhhh. I get it! never mind!

  140. packtie27 permalink

    i finally got it after like a million times how do i the past the water things.PLEASE HELP ME!

  141. mk123 permalink

    i cant get passd the valcano

  142. Greystrand permalink

    To get use the zip line you need the branch from the tree by the long bridge. Just click on the left branch and it comes off and you can use it to slide down the rope on top of the mountain by the huge letters.

  143. Anonymous permalink

    how do i get past the one when u walk across the gems after u went in the brick things

  144. Anonymous permalink

    i cant get past the walk across gem thing how do i do it

  145. Anonymous permalink

    i need to get past the gem bridge how do i get the middle block to raise need help know!!!

  146. I finished the game !

  147. Zab16 permalink

    Yeah i finished the game!!!!! 😀 too cool!!! 😀

  148. loverunnin' permalink

    To get the thing that lets you slide down the zip line (the rope from the words Brother) you have to touch the left-most branch of the tree right outside the cave that the little people came out of in the beginning 😀

  149. loverunnin' permalink

    To get the little stick thing that lets you ride down the zip line (the rope from the words Brother) you have to go outside the cave that all the little people came from in the very beginning and click the left-most branch 😀

  150. AWESOME permalink


  151. J-bird permalink

    to get past the zipline thing, go back to the beginning and click the wiggly part of the tree. then the zipline will let you go as soon as the forked part of the tree gives way

  152. katieeee permalink

    For everyone that cant get the zip thing, its on the tree next to the cave!

  153. jmm permalink

    how do i get past the moving rocks! help me!

  154. JokrJenelle99 permalink

    When you are in the volcano there is the elevator thing how do you get past it. It is stressing me out… AHHHH

  155. How do you get past the volcano to where you have to make the path? This is so hard. I cant figure it out. ARRRRGGGGHHHH

  156. How do you get past the volcano? I am confused… Arrrrggg

  157. i cant find the purple gem…anyone no?

  158. k24 permalink

    To zip line, go right outside the cave and you’ll see a tree. Click on the tree. U have the zip line part. Then go on the cliff where it says BROTHER. Click on the brown rope and you’ll slide down into the volcano. Once your in the volcano, go to the LEFT. Then you’ll find this maze type thing and your in a bubble. Go LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, LEFT. If u followed it correctly, u should be floating there. Click far to the left. U should over there and bump into your brother in a bubble. U both will float up to a new place. U will find your brother stuck in a jail. I haven’t gotten past this yet but I will get back to writing when I figure it out.

  159. breannaa permalink

    how do you get past the rock bridge please

  160. imaboss permalink

    it wont zipline

  161. kljjlkjijm88978 permalink

    i did it, P.S. piano red (x2), Light blue (x2), Dark blue (x2), Light blue. + when you fall of and think you died, wait you never do. (Useful for 1 brother in volcano.) There are 6 siblings (excluding you)

  162. i cant getpast the water thingy its so hard! :():() :() () :() :()

  163. i need help on this god its hard

  164. poop permalink

    how do you play twinkle twinkle little star?

  165. hmmmm :P permalink

    so what do u do after uve set the green brother free?

  166. Ally permalink

    Could someone please help me? I am in the volcano at the colored bridge where the platforms fly up, but only the red, yellow, and green platforms are rising. In the video it says all of them should come up. Did I do something wrong? I thought I did everything the video did, and I got all the gems. Anyone help?

  167. Eliiiiii permalink


  168. Anonymous permalink

    tooooooo hhharrrrddd

  169. gkenfcjehsfhsvcuefdhuxe

  170. arrrrrgggg so hard

  171. HELP permalink

    how do i get the green dude up?

  172. YAy permalink


  173. loser permalink

    were do u find the purple gem?

  174. Hellokitty permalink


  175. tanya permalink

    i stuck in the elevator ??

  176. tanya permalink

    i need the blue gem ?

  177. tanya permalink

    puzzle water trunk ???

  178. ZZZzzzzzz permalink

    how do u get past the part after the keyboard

  179. brother powner permalink

    hit the H in brother to get purple gem and find another bro

  180. Tootsieroll permalink

    Here is how to get past the water: If you order arrows numerically from left to right and press them according to this chart below, you will get past it.

  181. kinjipee permalink

    help me wit e bridge

  182. kbird permalink

    how do you get past the musical notes on the bridge??

  183. Anonymous permalink

    so hard

  184. lemonDrop permalink

    AHH!!! how do get past the moving rocks this is soooo hard!! someone please help??

  185. not hard atall hahaha

  186. @Ally you need to find all the brother for all the platform to lift up

  187. Anonymous permalink

    how do you get past the volcano part?????

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