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Walkthrough: Mysteries Truck

by on October 16, 2011

Mysteries Truck on!

What’s this? A sinister panel van? Quick… Escape!

Thanks to user escapeskynet for the walkthrough!

  1. Anonymous permalink


  2. BOB permalink


  3. what is the number for the walky talky

  4. this is a stupied game

  5. Doodypants permalink

    What’s the combination for the toxic door? this walkthrough doesn’t play for me now matter what website I’m on and I’m mad!

  6. Anonymous permalink

    by opening the yellow draws and how do u use the walkitalki i get a message

  7. BBOOBB permalink


  8. blink 182 fan 4life permalink

    open all the drawers with x’s then al the ones with o’s

  9. Johnny permalink

    the number 198468 and if not try 198469

  10. banana permalink

    whats the number that you have to type in?

  11. Someone permalink

    what’s the number for the walky talky?

  12. r-a-n-d-o-m-z permalink

    the walkie talkey code is 198468

  13. Robby permalink

    nice little point and click adventure, however phone number is wrong, second 9 should read 6, the video is right
    I imagine the number on the card needs a subtraction (-03) which makes the puzzle absurd

  14. slimjim permalink

    what is the number for the walky talky

  15. cit123 permalink


  16. cit123 permalink

    hi that game is cool ive play it

  17. Janet permalink

    what is the number for the walky talky

  18. U dont need 2 no permalink

    it is crap

  19. hilol permalink

    i typed the code in on the phone but it wont let me send it?

  20. free318 permalink

    how do u get the wires

  21. Anonymous permalink

    how do u open the lock once the chemical bomb goes off

  22. how to open the dore

  23. nisi permalink

    how to open the dore

  24. nisi permalink


  25. wath is the n umber of the wack take

  26. retarded123game permalink

    btw they are 18 gems….

  27. ldevine permalink

    use the talcum powder on the toxic combo to see the combination

  28. ldevine permalink

    Does anyone have the combination for the walkie talkie

  29. what is the number for the walki talki

  30. lame... permalink

    the walkie code on the card doesn’t match what the walkthrough shows… the second 9 on the card is a 6 in the walkthrough…FAIL

  31. ricky bobby permalink

    you open all the same drawers with the same symbols then open the bottom ones

  32. Joe Blow permalink

    Any idea how to blow the bomb once you make it? I have it mounted just cant figure out how to blow it.

  33. buconero permalink

    big mistake with the call number : it should be 189498 and on the video it’s 189468…

  34. mmmok permalink

    19 gems

  35. some on permalink

    this game is impossible to figure out and i whatched the video like 10 times

  36. the fat guy permalink

    what do you do with the bomb?

  37. Anonymous permalink

    The arrow on the card indicates to read the formula backwards, so 03-894981 becomes 189498-30. That is subtract 30, so = 189468.
    There are 19 gems that I have found, one in the blown up handle.
    Good game!

  38. code is 189468. to open door, start on left and it’s black black white white black white.

  39. POCKET071 permalink

    I have written all the codes people have written and they do not work what is the real code please help !!

  40. i have a simple solution for you guys. i have the answer to all your problem!!! if this game is making you so mad, STOP PLAYING IT!!! i dont know i just thought that was a smart solution. 🙂

  41. What is the code for the toxic safe?

  42. alexis permalink

    how do you unlock the caution door and wat about the drawers. it dnt make since

  43. Number on the card IS correct. The arrow means read right to left. Translated, it says 198498 minus 30, which equals 198468

  44. johnny2 permalink

    escapeskynet sucks

  45. game sucks permalink

    game sucks big time

  46. Anonymous permalink

    it wont let me use the walkytalkey it says not such connect is supporting the area

  47. soccerbud8 permalink

    thanks!!! this really helped me get through the game!!

  48. The real code is 189468

  49. krusher211 permalink

    what do we press on the walkie not the numbers the 2 buttons at the top

  50. klaye permalink

    for me the walki talki was 189648

  51. Anonymous permalink

    cant get numbers too work tried 894681;894981;198468;and 198469 ahhh

  52. Anonymous permalink

    code still doesnt work

  53. Kenna permalink

    the code for the walki talki is 189468

  54. charlie 12 permalink

    what do you do with the wires?!

  55. this code it being a bitch….

  56. roy permalink

    use techlon powder on safe to see finger prints

  57. machaito1 permalink

    -The cellphone that you find put it on the battery after all the chemiclas are in the battery. Then, add the wires to the battery.
    -Then, place the battery on the door where you need to get out..
    -Go back to where the bomb is and type the code 189468, and BOOM! the door is almost open. Use the poster to the right of the door to open the door, there are 6 pins, only turn down 1, 2, and 5… DONE!

  58. cant get code to work

  59. 189648 works code in video is wrong

  60. wow, how the hell are you supposed to get the fun number without cheating? the number on the card is only kinda close. the rest of the puzzle wasn’t bad though.

  61. candymuncha permalink

    you use the wires after you have put the 2 powders and the 2 chemical test tubes into that little case thing then put the phone on it then you put the wires on the same tube.

  62. destiny permalink

    the code doesnt work!!!

  63. alberto permalink

    as I open the safe of toxic logo

  64. tiana permalink

    how to make the bomb

  65. dj_decibels permalink

    code is – 189468

  66. pooy permalink

    what do i do so hard help

  67. help so hard

  68. wheres the walkey talkey

  69. ydl permalink

    THE CODE WONT WORK THIS GAME IS STUPID> I TRIED AND TRIED BUT NOTHING WORKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! l:(

  70. karen permalink

    code does not work

  71. karen_barthelemy permalink

    i have used the numbers every way i can the bomb still does not go off

  72. HMmm permalink

    how do u get to work im stuck i have the walky talky and the batterey cover and the batterey so far

  73. si sirve solo que te tienes que alejar

  74. if it serves you just have to remove !

  75. if it serves you just have to remove

  76. Bob permalink

    For the code.. its actually not that difficult. The card number tells you to read it backwards so if you real the WHOLE thing backwards it reads:
    189498 – 30 = ? .. Do the math.. that equals 189468 which is the code

  77. JarJarVincs permalink

    The walkie talkie is used to blow up the chemical bomb you make
    The code is 189468

  78. Frustrated permalink

    189468 does not work.

  79. lolagesmurf0 permalink

    to blow up the door come away from the chemical bomb then type the code in a it will blow up !!!!! thats the trick:)

  80. kjhun32 permalink

    none of these codes work. they are all bs. just give up

  81. You have to get away from the door then enter the code.

  82. you have to step away from the door then enter the code

  83. jane permalink

    where is the battery?

  84. BBBB permalink

    If you look closely, the code reads backwards….so you do the number backwards but you subtract 3! thats where they get you…the subtraction

  85. hahame permalink

    press the button on the top left corner to make the bomb explode after u type 189468 on the walkie talkie

  86. katya permalink

    I can’t get the cellphone. It keeps saying it’s too dangerous and doesn’t go into my queue 😦

  87. OMG i feel so fucking stupid!!

  88. i found 18 jewels

  89. IT IS EASY

  90. fallen angel permalink

    I did it in 19 minutes!!!!!!!!!! YAY! THX escapeskynet!

  91. Anonymous permalink

    stand wea you got the wire from an put the code in

  92. tangler permalink

    this is not a game, this is a test to see if you qualify for the ‘A-Team’. Griefus!

  93. Raskli permalink

    I’m having trouble getting the video to work. but I just need to know how to get into the white cabinet. ??

  94. billybob permalink

    Make sure you are standing back from the doors else the bomb won’t go off (if it did, it would kill you as well as open the doors!)

  95. Anonymous permalink

    dont press call press the button across from it

  96. a person permalink

    u need to back up before u enter the code and hit the explode button u cant stand by the door

  97. ace permalink

    uh hustin we have a problem the drawrs no lonnger contain the black powder

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