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Walkthrough: Safari Time


Thanks to ConmerGameStudios for the Walkthrough!


Make an AddictingGames button for your browser


Sure, it’s easy to get to But we’re making it really easy. Like, easy-peasy easy. Put AddictingGames at your fingertips by adding the AddictingGames app from Conduit to your browser. No matter what site you are visiting, AddictingGames is one button-push away!

Try it out now!

AddictingGames at your fingertips!

AddictingGames at your fingertips!

Epic Fail: Maze Map


Halp teh love bunnies unite, with the patented…

Epic Fail Map!!!

Take it from me, even with the trusty map, it’s still hard.

Play Epic Fail here!

Video Walkthrough: Happy Clicks


Walkthrough: Happy Clicks from AG Walkthroughs on Vimeo.

Play it here!

Walkthrough: Unfortunate Accidents


Thanks to user 3KGGames for the walkthrough!

Walkthrough: Amigo Pancho


Thanks to ConmerGameStudios for the walkthrough!

AddictingGames Salutes the Troops!


Meet Sergeant Patrick Singleton.

Sergeant Partrick Singleton plays AddictingGames

Sergeant Patrick Singleton plays AddictingGames

He is a soldier, and he digs AddictingGames! Turns out when our troops are deployed to an undisclosed location, the intertubes get limited. But one site is always available for our fellow peeps in uniform: AddictingGames!
We asked the Sergeant what games he likes. And he said,

“Strategy and puzzle. I can’t remember the names of them.”
Well put, Sergeant. We forget names all the time. So we picked a few games that we think would provide some proper rest and relaxation for brave soldiers, sailors, truck drivers and coast guard rescue pilots.
Vampire Physics. Drop onto unsuspecting mortals!
Front Line. Wage War your way!
Spite Cannon 2. Shoot at all those smiling faces!
Scrap Metal Heros. Build an army of robots!

So thanks again, Sergeant Singleton. AddictingGames salutes the troops who keep AddictingGames free.